Monday, May 2, 2016

WSPR beacon on Arduino + si5351

This multimode beacon is based on Arduino + si5351 module.

Project sources on github

Supported modes:

  • WSPR2
  • WSPR15
  • JT65
  • JT9
  • JT4

Key features:

  • Internal encoder for WSPR and ISCAT.
  • Simple "in code configuration".
  • Useful online mode configurator (link).
  • TX start is controlled by extremely accurate I2C real-time clock Ds3231.
  • Terminal-based command line interface.
  • Support band-hopping with LPF auto selection.
  • Pin-compliant with QRP-LABS arduino shield and relay-switch board.

Block diagram

Breadboard mount

Arduino-shild and LPF from QRP-LABS.

Terminal example

Board layout

Sunday, April 17, 2016

CW beacon based on Si4463 + Arduino

It is very simple VHF/UHF arduino based CW beacon.
Description and sources on github:

Working device set:

Breadboard layout:

How RZ9YQ is receiving this beacon:

Discussion thread on Russian forum